“The guests were awed by your swingin’ performance, and wanted the show to go on all night long.  Thank you SO much for bringing your great talent and infectious energy to our celebration.”

Sharon Marshall, wedding client

“Thanks so much for a GREAT and FANTASTIC performance!   You all made the party!  Everyone absolutely loved the music, and no one wanted it to end.”

Trevor Lockwood, private block party client in Alameda

“You all did SUCH a fabulous job--and my husband and I enjoyed dancing so much!  Thank you for all your smiles and efforts.  Those that didn't dance really missed out!  Thanks, again!”

Marty and Sharyn Schneiderman, the Alfa Romeo Club of Portland

“When are you coming back to Belgium to play for us again?  If not soon, I will have to come find you in Portland.....”

Kristof VanDierendonck, owner, Bar Deco in Ghent, Belgium

“The Stolen Sweets pay tribute to the Rosetta Stone of ’30s-era vocal jazz, the fabulous Boswell Sisters. The Sisters’ three-part vocal harmonies and skittery sense of danceable, two-beat swing were unparalleled. Singers Jen Bernard, Dirty Martini’s Lara Michell and Erin Sutherland capture all the sophistication, progressive innuendo and sunny optimism of the Boswells with the able support of string- copators Pete Krebs, David Langenes and Keith Brush.”

The Willamette Week

“The high-energy shows of the Stolen Sweets feature seamless harmonies, top-notch players and infectious dance songs from yesteryear. See why people of all ages are flocking to see them light up a room with their vintage sound!”

Oregon Art Beat, OPB

“While the guys play it cool in the back, the ‘girls’ are front and center, harmonizing wonderfully and trading lead parts. The saucy bits of certain songs are highlighted with deliberate vocal inflections, knowing shrugs and raised eyebrows. It’s all good, clean fun, delivered with heaps of style.”

The Oregonian A & E

“A true Portland favorite, the Stolen Sweets ooze with succulent female three-part vocal harmonies drawing from the Boswell Sisters and crisp and saucy 1920’s and 1930’s jazz. Featuring notable local musicians Pete Krebs, Jen Bernard and Lara Michell, their charming, dainty approach bubbles up with a frisky, flirtatious and almost rebellious nature. Flashing a coy smile and a mischevious wink, Shuffle Off to Buffalo leaves fans tickled pink, caught between blushing and retreating versus hooting and hollering for encores.”

The Oregonian’s A & E

“Against a backdrop of acoustic hot jazz provided by guitar chameleon Pete Krebs, guitarist David Langenes and bassist Keith Brush, the singers have channeled their own golden era of radio with “Shuffle Off to Buffalo,” a languorous 15-song stroll that covers honey-dripped two-steps, smoking swing and ballads crooned to make you swoon.”

The Oregonian’s A & E

“Outstanding musicianship, stellar recording quality and inspired performances.”

The Oregonian’s A & E

“In addition to the clever and superb vocalizing and the backing trio’s sizzling licks and muscular swing, the recording is enriched by the addition of Nelly Kovalev on violin, and clarinetist Laird Halling, who pepper the proceedings with era-appropriate riffs. These dolls and daddies, and pardon the cloy, are the bee’s knees.”

The Oregonian’s A & E

“Every guest was blown away by your set, talking for weeks afterward about ‘...this amazing band called the Stolen Sweets!’ We can’t begin to tell you how grateful we are!”

Chynna Clugston, bride/comic book artist

“That song gave me CHILLS!”

Sandy Michell, mother of Lara Michell

“The Stolen Sweets' upright bass and tandem guitars dance through the Boswells' arrangements, while the singers negotiate complex three-part harmonies with verve and conviction. The group’s ability to transport audiences to the early days of jazz - due in part to their dapper attire and fetching candy cigarette girl - has already earned them a colorful fan base, from hipsters to golden-agers.”

The Southeast Examiner

“The Sweets take their moniker from a magazine of the 20s and 30s, and it certainly fits them well. Three elegant darlings with lush, 3- part harmonies perform retro swing tunes with all the style that graced the pages of that dreamy publication back in the day.”

Columbia River Reader

“The singers and musicians offer audiences ‘stage theatrics’ rooted in emotions of the Boswells’ style. The female members of the sextet each embody a stage persona, sassy to deadpan, that, in their black period dresses, creates a playful, interactive dynamic with audiences.”

Northwest Senior News

“It’s a CD release party for this classy combo of local luminaries fronted by Lara Michell, Jen Bernard and Erin Sutherland, and featuring the Django-esque guitar stylings of the intrepid Pete Krebs. The nattily attired Stolen Sweets will sweep the audience back to the Roaring ’20s during this evening of playfully romantic swing and sophistication with lovely three-part harmonies that sound like something fresh off the Victrola. Gentlemen, it’s tuxedo time.”

Portland Monthly